Transfer Funds

Improve Cash Flow by Accelerating Your Receivables.

We can help increase your efficiencies with our automated solutions. Transferring Funds is one component of our Cash Management suite of solutions.

  • Are you calling our customer service department to transfer money between your business accounts?
  • Are you still using wire transfers to move money between us and other financial institutions?

Then consider using our electronic transfer of funds service.

  • Transfer funds 24/7 using your phone or your computer
  • Transfers are safe and secure utilizing the newest technology in multi-level authentication and confirmation
  • You may find a substantial cost savings by using this service - no wire fees, no traveling to other financial institutions to make withdrawals or deposits
  • Make payments to other businesses that are willing to accept an electronic payment - quicker receivable collection for them as well
  • Transfer Funds also allows you to perform other functions such as court ordered garnishments and other electronic transactions

Here are some ways you can have more control:

  • Dual controls can be set up - You can require one employee to set up the transfer and a different employee to initiate it
  • You can set a limit on the amount for all employees
  • You can set up recurring transfers - If you send the same amount to the same business or person each period, this might be a time saving option for you
  • An audit trail is created every time you send a transfer - If you have to investigate possible fraud, you can print a report showing all of the details
  • You can suspend an employee's rights to initiate a transfer while they are on vacation

Call our Electronic Banking Department directly at (888) 385-2280, Option 4 or

Call your local office, Stop by or send us a Secure email to learn more

An on-site visit can be arranged to further explain all of our Electronic Payment and Funds Transfer Services and how easy it is to get started.

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