ACH Collections

Move Funds Electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) System

At the end of the day, ACH is just a debit and credit, but it's amazing what you can do with them. ACH Debit takes on several forms, but its purpose is to collect funds from a remote institution.

ACH Collections give your business the power to inexpensively collect funds from accounts at any financial institution in the country (provided the account holder agrees to the transaction) with speed and ease, and without any float.

They are ideal for the following:
  • Receive payments into your bank account electronically
  • Most reliable method for collecting payments
  • Least expensive method for collecting payments
  • Mitigate the hassles, risk or error, and costs of paper
  • Collections can be setup as recurring - perfect if you collect membership fees or recurring monthly fees
  • More reliable funding - transactions are electronic and capture funds when they are available
  • Low cost ACH can replace high cost wire transfers - for moving funds from remote financial institutions to your primary institution
  • Electronic transactions are encrypted, which means they are safe
  • Churches are using ACH to collect tithes and offerings because it provides collections while members are on vacation
  • Charitable organizations are using ACH to broaden their reach of donation collection

Additional Benefits:
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Simplified cash flow forecasting
  • Reduced check fraud losses
  • Improve NSF check collection with Check Representment feature
  • Eliminates check float
  • Next-day funds movement
  • Increased fraud protection

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