Savings accounts are a safe way to store and grow your money! 
Also perfect for accumulating funds  
for later transferring to larger, longer-term investments. 
Savings accounts are Free if the account owner is age 24 and younger, age 64 years plus, or if the account has a balance of $300 or more; otherwise, savings accounts are $3.00 per month. 

  • Statements are issued Quarterly.
  • Statements may be obtained monthly when combined to your Checking Account statement.
  • You may obtain your statements even more securely with Online Banking.
  • Interest is accrued on the Daily Collected Balance.
               Check Rates        Rates subject to change weekly 
    Open a Child Saver Account - IUTMA 
    A Child Saver account is an account that is set up by a parent or guardian for the benefit of a child. Accounts can be set up solely in the name of the child. Child Saver accounts are generally used to save for the benefit of a child (i.e. future education costs), often provide instant access and pay competitive interest. 
    Automatic Transfers 
    Finding it hard to put a little aside to save? Set up an automatic transfer - So simple and so much to gain.  
    Set up an automatic transfer to savings today - Login to Online Banking and Click Transfers. 
    Transaction Fees 
    Debits are limited to 6 per month 
    Federal Reg D Transaction Classifications 
                Unlimited transactions include: 
  • Visiting the bank to withdraw money from this account
  • Transactions sent by mail, Express Drop, or Night Drop with an original signature
  • Withdraw money from this account using your ATM card
  • Transfers made to your Alliance Bank Loan(s)
  •             Limited transactions include – 6 allowed per month* 
  • Transfers made using Online Banking
  • Transfers made using our Access Line Telephone Banking
  • Automatic Transfers used to cover insufficient funds
  • Transfers made by an Alliance Bank employee on your behalf
  • Pre-authorized, automatic, scheduled, or recurring transfers
    *An Excess Activity Fee of $5.00 will be charged for each transaction that exceeds the limit.  
    After three (3) violations, the regulation mandates the account be closed. 

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