Every little bit counts when working to save. 
Alliance Bank's new Spend & Save program makes it easy and automatic!  And it doesn't cost you a dime!   
Every time you make a purchase with your Alliance Bank Visa┬« Debit Card, we'll round up your purchase to the next whole dollar amount. The amount in excess of the purchase price is transferred from your checking to your savings account! 
Start Spending & Saving Today! 
Here's how it works:  
You buy groceries for $54.19.  
Spend and Save rounds to $55.00.  
The $0.81 is transfered to your savings account! 
                            Visa Debit Card             Spend & Save             Checkbook 
                                          Daily Purchases       Round/Transfer                 Entry 
Purchase #1  
for the day 
Groceries                              $54.19                             $0.81                            $55.00 
Purchase #2 
Gas                                         $35.43                             $0.57                            $36.00 
Purchase #3 
Shopping                              $60.05                              $0.95                            $61.00 
Purchase #4 
Snack Stop                          $  5.00                              $0.00                            $  5.00 
Total Transfer to 
your Savings Account                                            $2.33  
for your normal everyday purchases!  
Things to know 

  • It's Free!  Nothing to hold you back from saving!
  • Whole dollar transactions do not round up to the next whole dollar amount.
  • Spend & Save amounts accumulate over your purchases for the day and one transfer is made to your savings account for the day.
  • A Spend & Save summary box will appear on your checking account statement.
  • All Debit Card transactions on any Debit Cards on your checking account will round up and save.
  • Both Signature & PIN transactions qualify.
  • Money Market, Christmas Club and Business accounts are not eligible.
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