Information on this page has been gathered for you from many resources including the Federal Trade Commission and the Indiana Attorney General  
Because technology is constantly advancing and criminals are continually changing tactics, this Security page is in no way intended to be a complete listing of everything security.  By introducing you to these resources we hope to help raise your awareness and thereby increase your safety. 
Especially for  
  • Considering a Franchise - The Disclosure Document vs the Agreement or Contract
  • Starting an Internet Business: Dream Job or Pipe Dream?
  • Cómo poner en marcha un trabajo en Internet: ¿El trabajo soñado o un sueño imposible?
  • Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud
    Email Scams 
  • What is phishing?
  • How can I spot a phishing scam?
  • How can I decrease my risk of being a phishing victim?
  • Email Attachments
  • Report an online scam
    Loan Scams 
  • Mortgage Assistance Relief Scams 2011
    More Scams 
  • Check Overpayment Scams: Seller Beware – the buyer gives you a check for too much!
  • Atención Vendedor a las Estafas de Sobrepago con Cheque
  • Las Transferencias de Dinero Pueden Ser un Asunto Riesgoso
  • Spotting an Impostor:  Scammers Pose as Friends, Family and Government Agencies
  • Online Dating Scams - When Love Goes Wrong
  • Rental Listings May Be Red Herrings
  • Giving the Bounce to Counterfeit Check Scams
    IDENTITY THEFT - from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General 
  • Understanding Your Rights
  • What an Identity Theft Report is

  • When You Become Aware Your Personal Information has been Stolen or Used by Someone Else
  • Identity Theft Complaint Form to the Office of the Indiana Attorney General
  • SAMPLE Dispute Letter for Existing Accounts (pdf)
  • SAMPLE Blocking Letter to Consumer Reporting Company  (pdf)

  • Identity Theft information especially for Indiana Residents from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General
    Identity Theft - other Resources 
  • Identity theft Victim’s Complaint and Affidavit -FTC
  • To Buy or Not To Buy: ID Theft Spawns New Services
  • Medical Identity Theft
  • Pretexting: Your Personal Information Revealed
  • Consumer Information - Free Credit Report, Do Not Call List and Opt Out of Pre-approved Offers
  • OnGuardOnline  - Stop Think Click
  • Office of the Indiana Attorney General  - Identity Theft
  • Office of the Indiana Attorney General - home page
  • Microsoft Safety and Security Center -Check your password—is it strong?
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center
  • FTC Money Matters
  • El Buró de Protección del Consumidor de la Comisión Federal de Comercio

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