Pay confidently on the go. 
Now with Android Pay™, Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™! 
Using your Alliance Bank Visa Debit Card just became easier. 
A super convenient, quicker than EMV, more secure way to pay! 
Android Pay™, Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ are Mobile Wallets. 
What is a Mobile Wallet?? 
Mobile Wallets use Tokenization to authenticate card transactions. Tokenization creates a unique randomized set of numbers to be used at each transaction, so your real card number isn't read. On your receipt, you will notice that the last 4 digits of the card account number is no longer your card number. It's a convenient, quicker than EMV, more secure way to pay! 
Alliance Bank's Debit Card can be used in the 3 major Mobile Wallet Apps that you can download depending on your device type: 
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay

    Apple Pay 
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    Works on: iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus and Apple Watch 
    Unlike paying with a physical card, using Apple Pay in stores happens in seconds with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Just hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID or double-click the side button on your Apple Watch, then hold it near the reader. 
    Android Pay 
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    Works on: All NFC-enabled, non-rooted Android devices (NFC - Near Field Communication) 
    No need to juggle between your phone and wallet at check-out. With Android Pay, you can keep doing what you're doing on your phone. Just make sure it's unlocked and hold it to the terminal - you don't even need to open the app. 
    Samsung Pay 
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    Works on: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 active, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 active, Galaxy S6edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6edge + 
    For quick and easy checkouts, access your most used cards by swiping up, then authenticate and  hover to pay. You can even use Samsung Pay when your device's display is off. 
    Where Can I Use My Mobile Wallet? 
    Look for the Contactless Payment Symbol on the merchant's credit card terminal. A few merchants that accept wallet payments: Best Buy, Subway, Meijer, McDonalds, Macys, Walgreens, KFC, Staples, Kohls... look for the Contactless Payment Symbol at the checkout at your favorite stores... the list is growing every day! 
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