Easily accumulate funds every year for a specific purpose  
- and it doesn't have to be just for Christmas!  
A down payment on a house, a new car, a dream vacation, a wedding or a college education. Whatever you are saving for, an Alliance Bank Club Savings Account is a convenient way to make sure the job gets done. 
You set how much and how often you can save!  And it's FREE! 
The account is funded through automatic transfers from your Alliance Bank checking account. 
You choose the monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly transfer amount and date(s).  
There's no limit on the number of transfers you set up per month and there's no minimum monthly transfer amount required. 
Principal and Interest are paid out annually into your existing Alliance Bank checking account.  
This account does not close; transfers continue until you let us know you no longer need or want the transfers to take place. 
Savers have used this account for Christmas, a vacation, even escrowing for taxes and insurance.  
You can watch your savings grow, even alert yourself when a transfer has taken place, all with Online Banking. 

  • Statements are issued Monthly. Statements are combined to your Checking Account statement.
  • You may obtain your statements even more securely with Online Banking.
  • Interest accrued on Daily Ledger Balance.
  • Penalty for early withdrawal is any accrued interest.
  • Rates subject to change weekly.

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