With Online Banking, you can make your own banker's hours! 
If you have a computer with access tothe Internet, you can get access to your Alliance Bank accounts, 24-hours a day, seven days a week absolutely free! 
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  • Check your account balances
  • Set Balance Alerts so you don't go overdrawn
  • View, print and download account history
  • Transfer funds between Alliance Bank accounts - including from your checking to your loan account to make a payment
  • See your checks
  • Contact Alliance Bank Customer Service Consultants
  • Advanced encryption technology protects the privacy of every transaction

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    Quicken & QuickBooks Users 
    Which download method do I use? 
  • If you log in to Online Banking and use the Export button, you are using the Web Connect method.
  • If you use the One Step Update feature from within Quicken, you are using the Express Web Connect method.
    Current Download             New Download                 Quicken for             QuickBooks for 
      Method                            Method                             Windows                     Windows 
    Web Connect ----------------- Web Connect --------------- Instructions ------------- Instructions 
    Express Web Connect ------- Express Web Connect------Instructions 
    Web Connect ----------------- Express Web Connect ----- Instructions 
    Express Web Connect ------- Web Connect --------------- Instructions 
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