Bill Pay & Presentment    
What is Bill Pay & Presentment? 
What are eBills? 
How do I start using Bill Pay? 
Who can I make online bill payments to?  
How long does it take for a vendor to receive an online bill payment? 
Why does it take a few days to process some payments? 
How do I schedule a bill payment? 
When should I schedule my online bill payments? 
Can I set up alerts about an online bill payment or eBill delivery? 
Alliance Bank's Complete Bill Pay & Presentment Guide 
Credit Cards 
How do I pay my Visa card bill online? 
How do I check my Visa card balance? 
How do I redeem my rewards? 
How do I dispute a charge? 
I want to accept credit cards at my business, how can I do that? 
What is Direct Deposit? 
Where is the routing number and account number on my check? 
How do I access my account information? 
What is Alliance Bank's eDeposit? 
How does eDeposit work? 
What are the advantages of using eDeposit? 
Do I need special training to use eDeposit? 
Is eDeposit secure? 
Is there a fee for using eDeposit? 
Who do I contact to order a new coupon book? 
Who do I contact about the outstanding balance or payoff of my loan? 
My loan is showing incorrectly on my credit report - How can I fix this? 
I am interested in applying for a loan at Alliance Bank. Who do I contact? 
I need to make payment arrangements. Who do I need to contact? 
How can I change the address on my loan? 
How can I check to see if my loan payment was received? 
How do I set up automatic payment for my loan? 
Mobile & Text Banking 
What is Alliance Bank Mobile Banking? 
Who do I need to contact if I need help with Alliance Bank Mobile Banking? 
How much does Alliance Bank Mobile Banking cost? 
What do I need to be eligible to activate Alliance Bank Mobile Banking? 
Which mobile service providers do support Alliance Bank Mobile Banking? 
Will Alliance Bank Mobile Banking work on MY cell phone? 
Do I have to have Internet Access on my phone to use Mobile Banking? 
How do I start using Alliance Bank Mobile Banking? 
Can I register more than one mobile phone? 
How do I unsubscribe from Alliance Bank Mobile Banking? 
Is Alliance Bank Mobile Banking secure? 
Where do I text my account inquires? 
Is Alliance Bank Mobile Banking case-sensitive? 
What are the text shortcuts to I can access my information quickly? 
Can I make transfers with Alliance Bank Mobile Banking via text? 
Where can I view the transfer? 
How do I set up or remove alerts? 
When will the balance alerts be delivered? 
Online Banking 
How does Alliance Bank protect my accounts from internet fraud? 
How long after I enroll can I start using Online Banking? 
What are the features and benefits of Online Banking? 
How long is my account activity available? 
Can I transfer funds between my accounts? 
Can I view my cleared checks online? 
Do I need extra software or hardware to use Online Banking? 
How do I sign up for Online Banking? 
How do I sign up for Online Statements? 
How do I set up Alerts? 
ScoreCard┬« Rewards 
How do I earn ScoreCard Reward Points? 
How will I know how many reward points I have accumulated? 
If I don't have enough reward points for the award I want, can i buy points? 
When can I order awards? 
How do I order awards? 
How long after I've ordered my award can I expect to receive it? 
Where can I get a complete list of available merchandise awards? 
Are there blackout periods for travel awards? 
Visa Gift Card FAQs 
Visa TravelMoney Card FAQs 

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