The most convenient way to pay for all the stuff at School!! 
Never write another lunch money, field trip, sports camp, club dues... check again! 
Urge your school to do this!   
This unique program is specifically designed to help schools collect payments electronically for all school functions, streamline and reduce administrative costs, while offering a flexible, time saving, convenient payment service to parents. 
Parents rejoice!   
  • Quickly & Easily pay for school activities
  • Convenience - 24 hours a day. Allows you to easily pay for those "forgotten" or last minute "Oh by the way Mom..."
  • Save Money by writing fewer checks
  • Peace of Mind knowing it's already taken care of
    How will this help our School? 
  • Reduces paper check handling and trips to the bank
  • Parents have direct payment to the school so payments by cash or check cannot be lost or stolen
  • Reporting Capabilities and payment histories are more efficient than traditional paper methods
  • Improved Cash Flow; quicker processing procedures and collections
    How do I Get Started? 
    Tell your school administrators about Alliance Bank's eFunds for Schools and let them know you want it! 
    You can also Call Electronic Banking and let them know you want it for your school! 1-888-385-2280 Option 4 
    All eBusiness Banking products subject to qualification. 

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