Our Electronic Donation Service will provide your contributor with a convenient and time saving donation option. 
Consumers have become accustomed to making purchases and payments online... We can help your organization benefit from this trend. 
Are you a Church or Non-Profit Organization? 
Our eDonation Service will assist your organization in generating additional funds.                                           See Also Internet Customer Initiated Payments 

  • Perfect for Churches who have members missing, on vacation, or on temporary hiatus to the warmer states! - They can tithe quickly and easily with a few clicks.
  • Your contributor can direct the donation service to make their contribution each week or can direct a one-time contribution.
  • Contributors have complete control of their donation amount and frequency and can discontinue the service at any time.
  • With our multiple fund option, contributors can allocate their donation to specific funds you specify.
  • Your contributors receive a confirmation of all donations at the end of each year for tax purposes.
  • Of course all donation information is safe and secure using the newest technology in multi-level password protection.
    Our eDonation service is customized to fit your organization's donation program.  
    To discuss further or Get Started, you can 
    Call, Stop by, or send us a Secure Email. 
    You can also contact Electronic Banking  1-888-385-2280 Option 4 
    All eBusiness Banking products subject to qualification. 

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