Pay your bills online anytime, anywhere in the U.S. from the comfort of your computer  
At just the click of a button, you can pay an unlimited number of bills each month, with payments itemized and detailed on your monthly statement. 
Nobody enjoys paying bills, but at Alliance Bank. we make it a snap! 
Sign up for Free Bill Pay and manage your bills, your budget, your life in a way you never thought possible.  
You are in complete control 
The most common misnomer about Bill Pay is that "money is being 
                taken from your account automatically". With Bill Pay, you are simply 
                replacing checking writing with a safe, convenient way to do so online. 

  • Pay an unlimited number of bills each month
  • Pay bills from more than one checking account
  • Payments itemized and detailed on your monthly statement
  • Set up recurring, fixed amount payments for same day every month
  • Receive your e-bills electronically for certain payees
  • Easy navigation
  • Quick-Pay feature
  • View payment history and export the information into programs such as Microsoft® Money, Quicken®  and QuickBooks®
  • Advanced encryption technology protects the privacy of every transaction
    Important Bill Pay Information: 
  • Bill Pay funds are pulled from your checking account the day the payment is scheduled.
  • Cut-off time for Online Banking Transfers is 6pm ET.
  • Cut-off time for scheduling same day Bill Payments is 4pm ET.
  • The per item limit for Bill Pay is $19,999.99.
    Click the Bill Pay tab in Online Banking to get started 
    Not yet enrolled in Online Banking? 
    Get started today! 
    Bill Pay Support available Monday through Friday from 7:30am ET until 2am ET. 
  • During our normal business hours, dial 888-385-2280, Option 4
  • Outside of our normal business hours, dial 800-516-8531
    If you have questions, would like to know more, or would like to get started 
    Call, Stop by or drop us a Secure Email 

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