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July 12, 2012 
NIPSCO Cautions Customers to Energy Credit Scam 
June 8, 2012 
FBI – Malware Attempting to Extort Money! 
Read the FBI's Warning on Ransomware 
March 19, 2012 
A rash of phishing attempts are being made in the name of Alliance Bank!   
These attempts to gain information such as Card numbers, Passcodes or PINs are in the form of email, phone calls, and text messages.  Please know we will never contact you and ask such information.   
IF YOU HAVE RESPONDED with any information to such a call, email or text message, call us immediately so we can secure your account with us and avoid losses! 
January 24, 2012 
Phone Scammers are back at it!  
This time claiming your computer has errors or a virus! Inform yourself - Read on! 

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